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This was the first game I actually played on the playdate and it's such a cute game. 10/10.

I’m glad you like it!

I love a lander-inspired game. Top stuff, brilliant.

Thank you!


this game is great! probably my favorite game on this thing that ive played so far. awesome stuff!

thank you!


One of the best games, no doubts

Excellent job, I'm loving the game. The one I've been playing the most


This is the game I’m playing most on my playdate right now. My kids love it too! Nice work!

literally the best game on the playdate, it is a very difficult game where every mistake is on you, my first attempt I beat the game with 300+ deaths and now I am at two, soon I will reach 0 and begin speedrunning, better than every season one game on the playdate.


I played using the SDK, which gave me a popup warning that it runs faster than a normal Playdate, and I think that explains others' issue with the gravity being too strong. Even with that in consideration, I felt the difficulty curve wasn't completely smooth, with hard levels being followed by easy levels (an issue that Rocket Bits also has). Notably, the ability to keep energy cells after death means you don't have to worry about backtracking in the final level since you can just die to get back faster. Maybe a good compromise would be to have them work like standard checkpoints and respawn you where they were, then have all levels utilize them to some extent? There were a few non-energy-cell levels I felt went on a bit too long, particularly the ones that had the Y-formation saws that required very precise moving around despite the player's hitbox not being all that clear-cut (it was better in the first game).

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dang you’re digging deep. Yeah I fully agree about the difficulty curve, I didn’t actually finish the last few levels until the day of the release so I didn’t have much time to test and reorganize them, plus, I am not good at judging the difficulty of something I’ve made. If I made it, it’s easy to me. The not worrying about backtracking was an intentional thing as you still do it at the cost of a life (if I ever get access to the PD leaderboard system there’s gonna be a board for least deaths) but I should probably add something to the main menu too so there’s a reason not to die. The saw ones are the same deal about not having time, and the hitbox is always at the middle of the player and smaller than it is in Rocket Bits so I thought it would probably be fine but I understand that it wasn’t made super clear

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>I understand that [the hitbox] wasn’t made super clear

It's more than just that, though (if I didn't make myself clear last time). Graphics need to represent the hitbox if you're going to make a game requiring precision; that way, the player can literally *see* what to do, like in Rocket Bits. Once the required opening is smaller than your sprite, however, you as a player can never be sure HOW close you can get without trial-and-error (and then it's something you have to remember instead of something intuitive). It's the same problem a lot of bullet-hell games have.

EDIT: also, in regards to the Halloween levels, you shouldn't overlay the required white fuel cells over the white decorative background tiles because that makes them easy to miss.

>not having time

What do you mean? The game is self-published, right? What's stopping you from delaying the release for a bit to make sure everything works as intended?

Seems cool, I wish it could be played without the crank tho

literally why


This game is so difficult it’s hard to get into! It would be nice if the gravity wasn’t quite so strong to make it easier to hover. Dying within a few seconds over and over again is just demoralising!

Sorry to hear that. Levels can actually have custom gravity values now so if you really wanted you could change the gravity in the level files haha. Sorry the game was hard to get into but while I am content with the main game’s levels I hope some more appealing user levels come out in the future for you!

I feel similarly, that the gravity makes this game QUITE challenging.  Ha-ha!

 @possiblyAxolotl , how does one go about adjusting the gravity, as you were mentioning in the reply above?

it’s not super straightforward but each level is stored in a JSON file so if you were to go into the game’s “data” folder where the levels are stored you could add the line

"grav" : (your gravity here),

and it would change the gravity. Default gravity is 0.2 so 0.1 would be half gravity, the rest is pretty self-explanatory


Love the game! Could you allow the B button to activate boost as well? It is much more comfortable for me to hit B when cranking, rather than A or UP.


just uploaded a new build, now any button works!


Paid $0.00 at first because wanted to try before buy.. after playing i came back and paid $3.00, definitely worth it and a fun challenge using the crank. Great work!

Thank you :D


This Celeste-like is a better game than most of the season one games!! I love this game so much. It controls like a dream (thank god because its pretty difficult), its just forgiving enough with how quickly you respawn and how it allows you to keep energy cells on deaths. Great soundtrack too. I give this game 5 stars, 5 rocket ships.

Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! I’m glad it felt difficult but still fairly forgiving as that’s what i had hoped for (I was worried it would just be too hard haha)





Wow this looks awesome! I'm excited to try it :)

Thank you! I can’t wait for everyone to try it either