How Successful is Rocket Bytes

Yo! If you’ve just come for the money stuff here it is, keep in mind it’s in Canadian dollars

But don’t go yet, I’ve still got a bit to talk about. I don’t consider “success” purely as how much money I’ve made. At least to me, personal success should be being able to do something you love to do, not necessarily making the most money there is and I love to create games and share them with people. My biggest measure of Rocket Bytes’ success is the amount of people that played my game and while people donating to it is extremely nice as it shows I may be able to do this full-time in the future I still consider the amount of players to be the most important. The average amount of downloads my games got before Rocket Bytes was around 40-ish, and Rocket Bytes has a few more than that…

I find it interesting how little ratings there are compared to other stats, not many people know about itch’s rating system I guess? Either way having almost 2,400 downloads on itch (not to mention another little bit on is amazing to see and I’m really proud of the game so I’m glad so many people are interested in it too. Itch lets you see a list of all the collections your game is in and it always makes me really happy to see my game in a list labelled something like “good games” or “favourite games” or something like that. It also makes me feel far more accomplished than seeing a “$2 will soon be arriving in your bank account” email from Stripe since I know someone enjoyed my game enough to consider it one of their favourites. Anyway, I’m writing too much lol. Thank you so much for playing my game, here’s some graphs now since I find those interesting to look at too

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I dont get it, how you made money, on itch or somwhere else ? But well done man! 

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All the money made from the game is from donations on the itch page, thanks!