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Rhythmole is a musical rhythm whack-a-mole game. Play through hand-made levels or create and share your own with friends! 


Use ASDF, JKL;, 1234, or 7890 to whack the moles in time with the music and get the highest score. Use [SPACE] to slow down time, but you won't get as much score if you slow it down.

You can also play Rhythmole with the Rock Band Wii drum kit! Just plug the usb dongle thing in and you can play.


Easily create your own levels with the custom built-in level editor. Decide when specific moles(?) will come up, mess with visual effects, and do more in the super easy-to-use level editor. See a full tutorial on the editor basics here.


Try and beat your friends' high scores or create your own custom levels to torment your friends. Easily drag and drop new levels into the game by downloading a song and .lvl file. Feel free to share your levels & find more in the Discord server too!


See how I made the game here!


The game is completely free but if you get anything out of it please support me so I can make more projects in the future!

Donating $1 or more gives you access to a Rhythmole wallpaper pack

Donating $2 or more gives you access to a special build where the moles have top hats :)



PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGIMP, Inkscape, Blender, LMMS, Godot, Aseprite
Tags3D, Arcade, Colorful, Experimental, Godot, Level Editor, Music, Singleplayer, trippy
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksCommunity, Dev linktree


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Rhythmole (Win) 165 MB
Version 5
Rhythmole (Mac) 241 MB
Version 1
Rhythmole (Linux) 267 MB
Version 1
Wallpaper Pack 12 MB
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rhythmole - tophat (Win) 165 MB
if you pay $2 CAD or more
Version 5
rhythmole - tophat (Mac) 182 MB
if you pay $2 CAD or more
Version 1
Rhythmole - tophat (Linux) 267 MB
if you pay $2 CAD or more
Version 1

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Great Great game ! I love this game: I like rhythm games and now I'm discovering a game exactly the way I like them!
I created my own rhythms, but I find that a few things are wrong or could be improved, in particular adding a horizontal scroll bar in the editor mode, at the bottom of the timeline, and that, because I am French, I would like the French translation. Also you can made a workshop-like to play the rythms by other players.
Can you make these improvements please? If you have trouble translating I could help you (my mail : dgyt159.pro@gmail.com). 


This game is really cool with a unique vibe to it! The gameplay and charting style is uniquely fun in a way that I didn't expect going in. 

My only complaint is that, although the editor is very powerful and extremely fun to use at this state, charting notes and syncing them is difficult due to there being no grid snap system in place.

Still, this is one of the more fun rhythm games I've played, and it definitely has some potential to be a unique game in its own right. I'm excited to see what else this game may bring to the table!

sorry for the (extremely) late reply, but I finally got around to adding some BPM snapping to the editor! Please lmk if you check it out and make any levels, and thanks you :)


Awesome game!  Love it!

Thanks! :D


Great work on this project! I just played through all of the songs in the current build! I might look into the editor later.

Thanks for building this and putting it out there!

Thank you, I’m glad you like it!